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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Acid Rain Agurts Infantry 88th ... ...

This is another product under Acid Rain story from Oritoy. Information about what this guy is can be found at the Acid Rain blog.

I've only ordered one of them as I find the price rather steep and this is probably just the introductory price for now.

This 3.75" figure comes with 3 weapons
- gattling gun
- pistol
- assault rifle

The base figure is exactly the same as the Marine Team 303, just different helmet, tactical vest and color scheme. Now, it makes me wonder why the Speeder MK II came with a Marine Team figure when it belongs to the Agurts Infantry 88th. Well, the logical answer is the Agurts figure wasn't ready at production time.

I don't quite like the vest as it's rubbery and it doesn't stay snugly on the shoulder of the figure.

To remove the vest, it's not as simple as the Marines because, the catch that holds the vest together is glued on this time. What I did was to remove the forearm and the legs to slide the vest down.

Let's run through the weapons. Starting with the rifle.

A little stretching and move on to the next weapon.

The gattling gun is next and this weapon is hot as I've seen so many toys figure wielding one.

Lastly, is the pistol. Now with all this firepower, Oritoy did not plan for them to be carried around by the figure. I'm not complaining for figures this small.

I have a spare Triumph bike and this guy here (I'm not naming him) can have it. Here, you can see the shoulder strap is pushed up as the bottom of the vest rested on the oil tank of the bike.

I shall attempt to let him carry all his weapon on his bike as he look for his Speeder MK II.

I am expecting more from Acid Rain as they are making some promising figures and vehicles as long as the price is still reasonable.

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