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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Neca Arkham Origins Batman ... ...

This is one of those Batmans I wouldn't have gotten. However, Neca nailed it with the scale and the details for this fella. Standing at 18", this batman has made it to my top 10 best made Batman list.

Some background on this game based Batman here. No time for games and barely time for toys...

Following the previous post, this will continue from the unboxing.

Remove all the twist ties and Batman escapes from the tray.

The cape is cloth material and it's neatly packed in a polystyrene bag.

It came with some accessories like the Batarang, Grapple gun and hook and 2 extra hands for each weapon.

A belt clip is provided to hold the grapple gun in place but the Batarang isn't retractable and none of the pouches in the utility belts are functional.

I like the little details provided on the boxart.

Articulation is decent and Neca boasts 25 points of articulations for this figure. Paint job is rather decent as well and check out that cold stare.

I'm impressed with the details put into the paint job but I guess it's easier for larger figures so I'm probably just experiencing the novelty effect of my first 1/4 scale.

A little size comparison with Hot Toys's Dark Knight and 1/6 scale is really dwarfed by 1/4 scale.

 I'm really glad I have him to look over the city tonight.

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