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Monday, June 23, 2014

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Ho! ... ...

I've watched Thundercats back in the 90s and I've loved it but was able to own only Lion-O's action figure. The show had a reboot in 2011 but I've not watched a single episode as I don't think it has the magic on me this time.

The Lion-O deluxe figure has a gimmick that does the transformation chant but I've taken the video with the wrong orientation. Apologies for that... anyway, you get the idea of how it works. 

I've gotten a few of what's on sale and I believe these stocks are from Hong Kong as I've noted some boxes with the price tag in Hong Kong dollar.

These stocks must be so old that there are mold on the instructions manuals.

This 2011 Thunder Tank looks much better compared to the first version in the 90s.

A Snarf figure comes with the tank and this 2011 Snarf looks less annoying. All Thundercats figure comes with a magnetic back (Thunder Lynx) to activate gimmicks like lights and sounds or simply to unlock hatch door like what Snarf is doing below (next picture).

I'm not satisfied with Snarf here in the cockpit...need to do something about it.

In the meantime, let's take a look at the Thunder Racer provided which can be launched with a push of a button under the air break. The racer below looks more like a drone to me.

Larger edition of the Thunder Racer was available at the sale together with them are the main characters, Lion-O and Tygra. Both the racers are the same except for the weapons attached. Below, I've taken a closer shot at what the Thunder Lynx is all about.

The 2 figure with their racers and weapons; Lion-O has the drill missile and Tygra has the Laser.

I'm quite impressed with the paint job done on the 2 figures and they are quite articulated for "figures included".

The weapons systems on the racers can only be activated when the pilots connect via the Thunder Lynx.

Both have a clear cockpit window that really have been quite well-made to bring out the feel of the Thundercats ready for actions.

Attached the racers to the Thunder Tank and boy, this looks good!

Videos below shows
1. The launch of the Thunder Racers
2. The lights and sound of the Thunder Tank

This will be last shot of Snarf as the pilot and I intend to get Panthro to pilot the tank given his physique; that will be perfect!

But, the only available 4" figures are those below along with Wiylkits which I didn't get.

Looks like Cheetara will have to pilot the Thunder Tank and yes, she has the Thunder Lynx.

Power up the Tank. Snarf is handing over the cockpit to Cheetara.

The Tygra figure is great with armor and weapons. 

Looks like the improved guy gets the ride...

Mumm-ra! The evil one in the series... and he's a mummy that transformed into this huge monster that can be a pain in the a@#.

Mumm-ra's battle form and Panthro in 6" and no, they don't fit into the Thunder Tank.

Ok. I had wanted to simply pack everything up and put them in cold storage when I suddenly had the urge to do something.

"Does it come in black?"

How about blue black? I had no choice... my black paint wasn't enough for everything but I'm pleasantly surprised with the final product.

Finally, I've own so many Thundercats now but somehow it just feels different...


deSMOnd said...

Great score bro!! To me, I prefer the classic version..Hahha!!

Jonloh said...

Hi Des

I prefer the classic version for nostalgic reason but this redesign tank is awesome. They have the classic 6" Tygra on sale and I will get Lion-O if it were there.