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Thursday, August 21, 2014

More than Meets the Eye, Alternators Rodimus & Mirage ... ...

I can't believe that I actually have the Alternator Rodimus for 7 years and this item was the 2nd item to be posted here in this blog. This is a Hasbro Alternators line released back in 2007 and the vehicle mode is the Ford GT. A concept car made into a production roadster.

In fact, I like the vehicle mode so much I have the Mirage version and the eHobby Rijie version. I shall leave eHobby intact while Mirage shares the same stage as Rodimus (Hot Rod) today.

I bought the Hot Rod at Toys'r'us at Forum when it first released for $59.90 and it was flying off the shelves. Mirage was bought at some weekend flea market at China Square Central and it was at a after market price but it's below $100.

Vehicle mode (Ford GT) is really very stunning and I'm glad after 7 years, this still looks so good.

The rear plate reads "California Too Hot"

Very authentic look with the window to see the engine. My happiness was short lived when the left door popped out and I realised it was broken.

Nevermind, let's continue to marvel at the details on this vehicle mode. It's like one of the those Hot Wheels models where the doors, hood and trunk open revealing details inside the car.

Door fixed with super glue applied. While waiting for it to cure, let's look at Mirage.

It retained the blue and white scheme. Rear plate reads "Michigan Mirage Great Lakes"

Hot Rod staying true to it's original look has the visor up or down option.

Articulation is decent here but staying static is good enough for these two. The hands have articulated index and other fingers attached to open and close for gun grip. The guns are actually transformed from the engine block.

I realised only now that I didn't closed the flaps at the abdomen area of Mirage. See picture below. 

I'm glad I have them and after so many years, these guys are in good conditions except for the little episode.


deSMOnd said...

Jon, I have the red one but did not review it. Just display it on shelves after transformation.

Jonloh said...

Know what you mean. Guess it's the case of too many toys, too little time, space and $$.