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Monday, June 15, 2015

King Arts Display Stand ... ...

Watch out Hot Toys, a new contender has arrived and they too want a piece of the Iron Man pie. I have ordered the 1/9th scale Mark XLII and to complement it, the display stand.

The display stand arrived first without Mark XLII and so I used it on a 1/6th scale Falcon earlier and it worked just fine.
This piece is amazing and I did not regret getting yet another Iron Man related display stand as this packed a few more punches than the regular light up ones.

Above shows the logo of King Arts and below is the back of box showing how a 1/9th scale figure will look with the stand and the different suits they have in store for Iron Man fans.

This is no bootleg but Marvel licensed product.

Open the flip flap and it reveals what the stand can do other than lighting up.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see the inclusion of the mini-USB port to power the display stand. This mean I can put it on my work table. Woohoo!

Plug in the power and see it turn. It offers dual directional turn. I'll skip the batteries option.

The support stand is much like the flexi-stand Hot Toys offer and it comes in 2 length for different display options. The clamp is a much better produced compared to Hot Toys. It also offers pivot options.

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