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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Medicom MAFEX The Dark Knight and Batpod ... ...

I think I qualify to be a true blue Dark Knight fan given that this being my (lost count) Batman figure from the Chris Nolan's rendition of Batman (Christian Bale) and my 4th Batpod.

I knew I wanted this set the moment I saw it out for pre-order.
Before we move on to the Batpod, we need to look at MAFEX No.007 by Medicom. This being my second MAFEX and I am rather disappointed like I was with Spidey.

The packaging is really perfect for the open and throw away routine and especially when the figure is so disappointing. 

The accessories given are the standard Batman gear of Grappling gun, EMP rifle, 1 trigger hand and 2 open palm hands and 2 heads (Bruce and Rage Batsy).

Figure out of the box feels rather good and the suit is pretty well-made with some padded parts like the chest and shoulder. The carbon-like pattern is very distinctly made too.

The figure provides a great range of movement and it passed my Kick test.

However, problem starts to show with the wired cape having the end of a wire sticking out.

Let's look at the utility belt and yes, Medicom included almost everything The Dark Knight carries on his vigilante runs. However, where is the holster for the grappling gun?

And the definitive weapon from The Dark Knight, the EMP rifle.

The Dark Knight is full of angst and this head sculpt is most befitting of Batman.

Ok, here are my complaints.
1. The head attachment is too short and loose.
2. The torso joint is too loose
3. That little attachment above the left chest that supposedly holds the cape keeps coming off
4. The left upper arm (bicep area) is too loose

 Put Batman back together again and this time, Bruce's head comes on.

Not too Balely made. I mean, not too badly Bale....made.

All right now the Batpod and this is really the only reason why I like this as a set. This batpod is a saving grace to the poorly made Batman.

It's as detailed as the Hot Toys version while almost the same size as the S.I.C one.

It comes with 3 accessories, one EMP rifle attachment and 2 riding hands.

Maybe, the torso joint is meant to be loose because it's easier to pose Batman on the Batpod part by part. First, the lower torso.

Next, the upper torso with the hands, one at a time. It's really times like this, you know why some collectors go for statues or dynamic poses items.

However, to me, it's the poseability that intrigued me and kept me going to perfect that pose.

All ready to run Joker down.

Really, minus the LED lights, this is almost the same as the Hot Toys version. Happy to have this set as mentioned earlier.


deSMOnd said...

It's really very nice set!

Jonloh said...

ditto bro.