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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Party Goes On with Hot Toys Mark XXV; Striker ... ...

The 'House Party' Protocol fever is still going on strong and with Hot Toys, things aren't cooling down any further. Not even if the Singapore government implements any cooling measures on this.

Today, we take a look at Mark XXV, codename Striker. In it's brief moment of feature in Iron Man 3, Striker used its only weapon, the jackhammer on his arms.

I was rather reserved when opening the packaging but the figure proves to be quite an enjoyable piece to have.

By the look of the color scheme, one can tell it's a industrial suit meant for heavy loading work like the Red Snapper, Mark XXV.

Every considerations have been put in to make this look like a construction type mecha. 

I do like the face sculpt with the light feature and the arc reactor on the Striker.

This piece comes with only one set of hands which are articulated but they stay on. See picture later below which features just the hand without the jackhammer.

The torso comes with 3 standard parts which allows for better posing and the knee joint below with individual moving armor plates is very nicely engineered.

The pneumatic piston at the back of the leg is for aesthetic look only.

The legs and feet articulation on this figure is one of the best. the feet is designed in a way that it's not possible for Tony's feet to be in them. I don't think this suit is meant to be worn.

The thrusters at the back is hidden in a subtle manner.

The standard feature of extendable shoulder is seen on Striker.

With the jackhammers removed, the figure looks as good. It's a pity the jackhammer attachments can't be totally removed for the hands to have full movements which leaves one to wonder why are the hands there in the first place?

The jackhammers also has a punch-out feature. See the picture above with the one on the left cocked.

Striker could almost strike the landing pose if he has the extra hip pivot functions like the Mark XLII.

With these, I have myself 3 non-lethal suits. The Red Snapper was mentioned earlier and the other is Igor, Mark XXXVIII. I will give Mark XXVI, Gamma, a miss.

This is indeed a great piece and Hot Toys are really at the top of the game in making fantastic toys. However, I can't keep up with the party and do have to miss certain pieces even if they are unique suits.


deSMOnd said...

I like the weathering on this suit. Very realistic metal look!!

Jonloh said...

Yes it is! I thought it's just another suit but hey, it more than meets the eye! Oops wrong phrase.