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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Transformers Legends Ultra Magnus, Arcee and Windblade ... ...

These 3 were bought in 2015 but my schedule did not allow me to open them earlier and well, they weren't my top priority due to my many collectibles pursuits.

These are from Takara Tomy and under the Legends line celebrating 30 years of Transformers.

The packaging is actually good enough for the items to be clearly displayed and for someone who is as busy, leaving them in this state and just seeing the items through the window is somewhat therapeutic.
Let's starting with Ultra Magnus and I was quite sure the transformation sequence is somewhat similar to MP 22, Ultra Magnus.

Closer look at the 30 years of Transformers and back in 1984, my parents couldn't afford toys like this for me and wouldn't even think that this is of any importance. Nevertheless, I had a couple of G1 Transformers (Megatron, Shockwave, Mirage and Astrotrain) and sad to say, I did not treasure them at all. Back then, all I wanted was Optimus Prime but he never appeared.

The instruction manuals for this series come with a comic that introduced the characters but I have no idea what is being said in Japanese.

Ultra Magnus under Takara Tomy is painted slightly different from the Hasbro version. I do prefer the Takara Tomy version more in terms of the color scheme and application.

This Ultra Magnus comes with mini-con like figure. He is named Minimus Ambus which powers up Ultra Magnus when it's dead. My source of information here.

There is a cockpit in the chest area for Minimus Ambus to fit into Ultra Magnus. I didn't quite like this idea but it's somewhat pays homage to the Powermaster or Headmaster series.

Minimus Ambus sits snugly into the cockpit given its articulation and it's hands can actually 'hold' the controls in the cockpit. However, I didn't fiddle with that in the shot.

The design of this figures hides Minimus Ambus nicely and think of it like Iron Man Mark XLIII in Veronica aka Hulkbuster.

 It comes with 2 blasters which join together to form a sledgehammer together with the missiles pods on the shoulder.

Articulation of Ultra Magnus is generous enough and this is the main reason I prefer transformers toys made after G1 and even G2. Although Hasbro did produce better articulated Transformers after 1995.

The figure comes with finger movement on a single joint which the index to the pinky finger swivels out to allow Magnus to hold his sledgehammer. This feature has been long awaited by the fans and thanks to Takara's Masterpieces, this feature is now seen on regular toys releases under the Leader Class packaging.

The ability for each transformers toy to pose is due to its articulation and the considerations for the articulation by the designers isn't about posing; it's about transformation. The main consideration here is how can the robot be transformed into its alternate mode with everything hidden neatly. The next consideration is for both the robot mode and vehicle mode to look as stunning. In the case of Ultra Magnus, the 2 considerations have been fulfilled and even the fan's expectation of articulation is somehow fufilled.

Vehicle mode of Ultra Magnus stays true to it's origins; the armored transport truck.

However, the scale of this vehicle is off the chart and it's like a monster trailer. Notice the ladder and door in the cab section?

Therefore, having Minimus Ambus up there is scaled almost accurately.

The trailer has the same design as the G1 equivalent. Minimus Ambus will not be able to fit into the cockpit as the head of Ultra Magnus now tucks inside. It also made sense as Minimus Ambus can control Ultra Magnus like a drone from the outside.

Fitting Arcee of the Deluxe Class in the trailer is not scale accurate as you compare the seats of Arcee and the door that is on Ultra Magnus.

The Autobot logo on the grille of the cab is another nice touch and it all started with Optimus Prime from the first Transformers Movie by Michael Bay.

Next is Arcee and I was glad I finally got her. I am not a fan of Arcee and did find her redundant back then when I was a boy. I am still not a fan but found the Legends figure appealing with it's vehicle mode and robot mode with it's articulation and good figure (pun intended).

Vehicle mode is anime accurate to certain extend and Takara Tomy has even included cockpit details which kids wouldn't even bother.

Robot mode is somewhat accurate except for the kibble that she carries like a backpack.

Another downside of this figure is the hands which couldn't hold the weapons properly due to the stopping piece of plastic between the palm and pinky finger. Well, this can be resolved by cutting it off with a penknife. I did not do so and may not want to.

Arcee's redemption factor is the arsenal she carries and how she carries them. The blasters can be 'hosteled' by the side of her thighs.

Lastly is Windblade and this is actually a fan art created piece. This is part of the 30 years of Thrilling Transformers.

"As part of this 30th anniversary celebration, Hasbro held several polls for the fandom to create a Transformer! The first set of polls was from April 18th to May 5th and the second set from May 10th to May 17th. At San Diego Comic-Con 2013 the valiant, red & black, sword-wielding, female, autobot telepath who hails from Kaon, Windblade, was unveiled in art form. At Toy Fair 2014 her toy was unveiled, and she was subsequently released as # 30 of 30."

Vehicle mode is in the form of a VOTL with the rotor blades being able to pivot into any desired positions.

Windblade's weapon; the Stormfall sword can be kept at the rear of the plane and it has a stabilizer fanblade on the hilt portion.

Transformation for both Arcee and Windblade is rather simple without the need of the manuals. Windblade in robot mode looks much better than the vehicle mode. Takara Tomy has kept to the fan's design of even the courtesan's (Oiran) make-up, hairdo and fan.

However, this isn't your regular mama-san and she will slice and dice any Decepticons in no time. Notice that there is even a sheath for the sword. How much can one ask for?

Articulation and storage for her accessories is as generous comparing to Ultra Magnus and Arcee.

I guess Transformers still very much appeal to me and perhaps, I will buy more if not for constraints on resources.


deSMOnd said...

For Windblade, I have not opened mine yet :)

Jonloh said...

Open it! It's a good figure!

Andre said...

That's actually Alpha Trion, Ambus comes with the american release of magnus while in Japan he was repainted into alpha trion