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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Takashimaya 20th Craziest Toy Sale Part 3 (Kamen Rider Drive Type Wild) ... ...

As mentioned in the last post that I will drop by if I ever was at Takashimaya and Singapore being so small, I was there and this time with my son.

He was all crazy about Gundam kits after watching Iron Blooded Orphans and he picked up 4 kits. 1 1/100 kit at $50 and 4 HG which were only going for $10 per kit.

Anyway, this isn't about his Gundam kits. It's about my first Kamen Rider Drive figure by SHFiguarts; Type Wild.

I have not watched a single episode of this Kamen Rider series as I really dislike the design of the rider having a tire on the suit. However, since it was on sale ($40), I bought it.

This piece at my regular toy shop will go for about $60 and so at $40, it's quite a bargain and SHFiguarts have been churning out good quality and highly poseable collectors items.

The figure is worth every dollar for its details and accessories.

The default Wild comes with Drive's sword weapon; Handle Ken (what a weird name?).

I realised I made a mistake with the Shift Tire for Type Wild Dump placed on the Shift Cars slot on the belt. Anyway, once the Shift Tire flies in and gets inserted in the change system, Type Wild Dump is born.

It comes with a drill and changed Tire and the drill actually fits on the tire too if not in use.

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