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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Blast from the Past with MTCD-03 Thunder Manus with Divine Armor (3rd Party Replica of Powermaster God Ginrai) ... ...

It has been quite a while since a transformable Optimus Prime figure could get me excited and Michael Bay's Prime kind of have been rather disappointing in the last couple of movies.

However, Maketoys (MT) have made me part my money with this and having a great experience with the Devastator replica by MT, I know I will get quality products for the Thunder Manus.

This toy brought back some good old childhood memories of watching Powermaster but the version I watched was in English and I wasn't sure if the name God Ginrai rings a bell. Anyway, for the background of Ginrai and God Ginrai which in this case is Divine Thunder Manus; click here. For a youtube link of the entire transformation process, it is available (for now) here.

Packaging is the regular type and with lots of illustrations of the various modes.

The first 3 components needed to form Thunder Manus or Super Ginrai are as above. 

The main component is definitely the Powermaster (aka Ginrai) which is the engine that made the transformation and combinations possible. If you noticed (unlucky me, as usual), my Powermaster came with 2 left legs. Well, good thing is the good people at TFH will rectify the issue.

In the meantime, there is no stopping at completing the review of this item. Powermaster although very tiny is rather poseable. He is like half the height of a 3A battery.

Next, let's move on to Manus and I did not plug in the Powermaster as it will not stay in place well due to the problem mentioned earlier.

This is very poseable as well and it reminds me of Bandai's Hybrid Optimus Prime THS-02.

Truck mode looks very decent as well.

Next up is the Thunder trailer that will combine with Manus to form Thunder Manus. It is very well made and it felt like fiddling with a Chinese magic box as there are clicks here and there that need to be exactly fitted to achieve the right look for it.

The complete look with the weapons attached.

Then we move on to the Divine Armor (aka God or Apex Bomber). MT did not make this transformable into a robot unlike the original animation series which God/Apex Bomber do transform.

From a distance, one really can't tell if this the real McCoy.

Transformation is rather intuitive and one can make do with the instruction manual which did a decent job in providing step-by-step guides with good illustrations.

Presenting Thunder Manus (Super Ginrai) which I realised after a while that I had it with the legs of God Ginrai instead.

However, I continued the shoot to see if the feet provided more stability and possibilities for posing. I have also tried my best to keep the Powermaster (see the chest) on throughout the shoot.

Now, the following photos have Thunder Manus with his own 2 feet.

And he held his own poses very well too!

Finally, the main event. Divine Thunder Manus (God Ginrai)!

One addition that is not seen in God Ginrai is the sword that is hidden in the cannon!

The sword made the figure much more menacing that it already is.

Initially, I did not know the wings (it was shown on the box!) can hold the blasters I applied what I would expect from Gundams.

The chest piece of Divine Armor can't really lock into place as the Powermaster isn't lock in properly. See pictures at the bottom as to why.

The blasters fitted on the wings and Divine Thunder Manus looks fantastic!

Below shows how I solved the apparent issue I was presented with which I had the right arm removed so the 2nd left leg can be folded up.

However, closer inspection and you can tell the left side of the Powermaster doesn't fit well as the pegs are not in the right position for a complete insertion. Lucky that this is not crucial unlike the actual Powermaster toys from the past which will not be transformable until the Powermaster locks in place.

I am very pleased with this despite the little hiccup with the Powermaster and may be tempted by MT in their next releases.

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