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Monday, February 25, 2019

Hot Toys Videogame Masterpiece Arkham Knight ... ...

Following the post of Batman from the same PS4 game title "Batman - Arkham Knight", this is Arkham Knight. I did not order this and so had a hard time finding him and am grateful that I have him in my possession now.

Arkham Knight in the game has a light-up helmet with running LED lights on the surface of the helmet which Hot Toys could only achieve the light-up eyes. The head has 2 halves to install the batteries.

The pink highlights on the face is supposedly running LED which would be very tough to achieve.

Overall, the figure is fantastic in terms of being as realistic as it could be as in the game.

Articulation wise, it is a tad better than Batman because of the materials but it is still restrictive. I now understand why some toy collectors switch to statues instead of action figures.

Weapons included are what were used in the game. A regular pistol and 2 larger caliber pistol which could be combined to become a sniper rifle which Arkham Knight used in one of the stages in the game.

The sniper rifle is a separate complete piece.

This set features the capability of transforming Arkham Knight back to Red Hood. In one of the scenes where Batman defeated Arkham Knight, Red Hood, who is Jason Todd (second Robin), put on the Red Hood helmet. At the later part of the game, Red Hood helped Batman fight Scarecrow.

There are other parts which changes all the blue components into Red Hood's color scheme.

This is indeed a very nice set and the color scheme works well with either helmets.


deSMOnd said...

This one is awesome but I am lucky that I didn't play the video game. Otherwise, I will buy it..Heng!!

Jonloh said...

I think regardless, game or not, I will still get it. The overall look is way too cool for me to resist.

Herolabs said...

Thank you so much for sharing this big preferences...