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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Hot Toys Avenger Infinity War Iron Spider Man (Mr Stark, it smells like a new car in here) ... ...

and I must say the figure do smell rather like a new car. It's clear now why I would have bought this for the reasons stated in the previous post.
Tom Holland portrayed Peter Parker's character very well and he probably is one of the best Spider Man to date in my books. As for the likeness of the actor by Hot Toys; hey, this is Hot Toys!

Packaging for this follows the Avenger series so there's is much to brat about.

The standard inclusion of a stand and a flex-display is a standard now for all 1/6 scale figures.

I am rather disappointed with how the spider arms slot aren't made more inconspicuous. Hello Hot Toys, magnets would be a good idea!

Posability is slightly better than Iron Man figures but not as good as Deadpool.

 Web slinging gimmicks are definitively included for a Spider Man figure.

Coming back to the unmasked Peter Parker and I thought the mask is some collapsible helmet rather than the piece of trash in his hands.

Fitted with the spider arms and hmm...they looked kinda small. I should have opened this before the Re-Edit version. Getting it to half kneel also took me several minutes to achieve.

The landing pose isn't as well executed compared to the Re:Edit counterpart.

LED lights on below versus lights off above. I guess I could have taken the pictures in lower light condition to fully appreciate the LED function.

Stark provided the suit with repulsors but too bad batteries compartments not included.

I had to give Re:Edit a run for its money with this pose. But hey, Re:Edit Iron Spider Man cost more than Hot Toys!

Here are the 4 sets of different aperture-liked eyes. Hmm, reminds me of Deadpool. Maybe corny characters need these type of eyes to show off their cheekiness. 

Size comparison between the two and Hot Toys figure looks bulkier.

So, officially, this is my first Hot Toys Spider Man and what is the verdict? I am very impressed and love this figure!!


deSMOnd said...

The only disappointment for this figure is the surface of the helmet doesn't match the surface of the rubber suit HT used. The helmet look very plastic..

Jonloh said...

Didn't quite realised until you mentioned it. Sian.