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Friday, March 15, 2019

Toynami Max and Miriya Sterling's VF-1J ... ...

These are 1/100scale VF-1J veritech fighters of Max and Miriya of a classic cartoon series which I really enjoyed. The American calls the series Robotech while the Japanese origin is Macross.
I have been collecting many variants of Macross valkyrie fighters and mostly are from the Yamato toyline which is 1/42 scale and they can be seen here.

The Toynami line has always paid attention to the packaging and box art. The all sides view of the packaging as follows.

Both veritech fighters come with stickers to be applied to add on details. It really does make a difference and I chose to apply them which is something I hardly do as I am a stickler not to use stickers. We shall start off with Miriya's veritech fighter.

The provided display stand is always an appreciated addition. It also adds loads of dynamism to the toy.

I'm impressed with the details Toynami paid into such as having the pilot being visible through the cockpit.

Other than the cockpit pilot, there is another micro standing figure of the pilot.

Max's veritech fighter is next.


deSMOnd said...

I only know the Macross in white body with yellow and black deco..

Jonloh said...

That's Roy Focker's colour scheme.