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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 5 - Going Astray Final Stage ... ....

Good Friday and being a public holiday, my time needs to be shared. Had to put down my work and went out. Glad that happened as I saw this completed model in Takashimaya's toy department. The modeler did a decent job and the paneling was clean and most of the essentials labels were applied. Took the picture to serve as a reference for my project.

I also picked up a clear display base to better display this piece from Taka as well as it was on 20% discount. I spent about a couple of hours to first panel line the whole figure giving it a more 'used' look before applying the labels.

Effectively, Day 5 started on Saturday morning and it was quite disappointing not to find any waterslide labels as this figure came with clear labels and rub transfers only. The clear labels were actually the most difficult to manage as they are thicker and much more difficult to set in place.

Bandai was evil enough to provide labels for difficult areas such as the left shoulder plate (previous picture above) and the right knee. It should have been waterslide for these to make the job easier. Had to do some modifications to the labels to allow it to split when the joints move.

The final touch was completed when all the essential labels were applied and the last one went onto the Tactical Arms II. Not to forget, the important step of applying Mr Mark Softer to better fuse the labels to the model.

Photo Shoot Time!
Finally, after 5 days of work, it is ready to face the lens.

The Tactical Arms is really too huge, even for the shooting canvas.

So, let's move it to my fav outdoor location; my window.

See the glow in the eyes?

The Tactical Arms in Flight mode. Skipped the Gattling Gun and Blade mode.


The clear display stand....the Bandai label is from the Blue Frame

So, that's it. Another completed Gunpla project and I really took my time for this. Nothing really interest me at the moment now except for Perfect Grades but they are really too huge and too expensive for me at this moment. 

Taking a break from model building for now.

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