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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Heat is on... ...

when the fever is over. Well, a good rest finds me back into action shooting action figures.

Bought a couple of stuff over the weekend and here I will feature one that is packed in a less complicated manner.

This is Heatmetal of the Kamen Rider Double or Masked Rider W from Bandai under the line of S.H.Figuarts.

This line has indeed grown on me as I simply love everything about it; from packaging to the figure itself.

Standards are kept for Heatmetal with weapon (metal shaft) and 2 sets of hands (open and grip).

Pose for this figure is no problem with the generous points of articulation. It's limited by only your imagination.

The metal shaft comes in two forms; the normal and the extended form.

Heatmetal here getting ready for some demo as to what it can do.

Bring it on!!

Now, the only thing I lack is one of those S.H.Figuarts stands that can grip the figure at the thigh or the waist.

See how long my shaft is; and it's solid 'metal'

Well, this figure is really a camera darling and I can't help but to keep posing and taking photos of it and I have ran out of caption for each photo. So, I'll spare you the agony of reading my corny comments.

My fav pose
This as well
This one is dedicated to Journey to the West

S.H.Figuarts is the line to collect if you are into Masked Riders as Bandai really made these guys real well. Highly recommended to all.

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