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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cyclonic Metal Trigger Happy... ...

Just dropped by my regular toy shop and picked these Ws up. Frankly speaking, this was not in my shopping list but ... ...

Anyway, this is one of those sets that Bandai is offering to "milk" collectors playing with the permutation combining the doubles up.

To make sure collectors buy, Bandai cleverly added this weapon expansion set. The set comes with the Memory Gadgets: Bat Shot, Stag Phone and Spider Shock for Trigger and a large wavy scarf for Cyclone, tsk tsk tsk.

Had to wake Joker up for this Cyclone group shot. To think that I actually did not quite like the design of this series thinking they look like circus clowns; well, they still kinda do.

Fit the scaf to Cyclone Joker 

Cyclone Trigger 

Bat Shot  

 Cyclone Trigger is the same as the previous release of Heat Metal

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