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Friday, August 27, 2010

NORAsh Type ... ...

which I really did take my time to take this piece out finally for a photo-shoot. I must have kept this up in the shelf for at least 4 years or more.

SV-51γ Nora Type from the Macross Zero series (one of the shortest). Apparently, this series dates back earlier to even before VF-1s were made.

The SV-51s were developed by the Anti U.N forces against the VF-0s program; in short the bad guys. More info here.

This is one of those rare complete packaging by Yamato which everything is thrown in and with very detailed parts.

This is definitely NOT a toy and handling this baby takes a lot of patience and delicate fingers or hands do apply.

Fighter mode. Yamato threw in the display stand and fast pack. No variant nonsense

There are many pointy parts especially at the tip of the wings which additional or unnecessary pressure will result in a worthless piece of junk.

The figure in Gerwalk mode with the drone head extended. The feet is another outstanding feature of the SV-51γ.

A rear shot in Gerwalk mode gives the impression of a huge predatory bird which is what the SV-51γ was portrayed in Macross Zero. This is indeed a very hard to handle bogey for Shin Kudo in his VF-0A. 

Battleroid mode and the figure stands firmly with its very well engineered feet which provides multiple articulation. There is some resemblance to the VF-27γ from the Macross Frontier. Well, so much for imagination from the world of animation; backup with a simple explanation of progressive technology.

Poseability of the figure like all Yamato valkyries has its limitation but decent enough.

The stand of course comes in handy for more poses and Yamato has been silent for a long time in producing intricate products such as the SV-51γ. Thank goodness I bought both the Nora and Ivanov types.

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