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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AT-RT ... ...

All Terrain, Recon Transport with ARF trooper Boil. This is from the animated series, The Clone Wars. General Windu led a group of ARF trooper and traveled on the uneven terrain of Genosis on this walker.

Boil with his toy and I'm kind of lucky that I'm able to pick this up in retail. Guess Hasbro just happened to restock and I'm sure they are off the rack by now.

Articulation of the walker is limited to only the 'hip' and 'foot'. A pity the other 2 hinges are useless else this will definitely be greater.

Boil spots some detailing on his helmet with his regular marking (above) and I discovered symbol  (below) of Numa which is the young Twi'lek he met and rescued.

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