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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

3A Bot Sniper Punter ... ...

What big gun you have! I'm a sucker for huge guns and snipers. threeA has it nailed with this Bot Sniper Punter, a BBICN exclusive.

I'm no expert in threeA's product and this is my first and probably not the only. The heavy weathering effect and cartoonish head sculpt have grown on me.

As mentioned, I'm a noob on threeA and this figure here. You can learn a lot more from Alex, 1:6 guru at his toy blog, I will just concentrate on exhibiting this wonderful figure with my lens.

The packaging is simple and I appreciate this for easy storage. Nice box art all round and making this more of a contemporary art piece.

Removing the cover and the 2 sides of the inner box features a scoring card on one side while the other explaining the points system.

A strong pungent thinner like scent greets you when the figure is taken out. Probably it's the chemical that's used to give the weathering effect on the figure.

A lot of details have been put in to the figure and I appreciate the fact that everything is properly kitted.

When I first come across threeA products, I was put off by the cartoonish head sculpt but no longer as I began to like this change of perspective for a 12" figure.

The details on the gloves and boots are nice touches.

The sidearm is within reach in a holster and it's a revolver which I was hoping for something more advance. 

Next up is the huge sniper rifle and the ghillie suit and boonie hat. I had just draped the ghillie suit over knowing that everything has to go back into the box.

Lucky thing is the rifle isn't as heavy as it looks but additional change of left hands to give some support would be nice.

The joints are very stiff but getting it to prone is no issue, however, I was reluctant to pose it in more demanding poses.

After everything and I was about to pack the figure back and a thought stuck me which is what I didn't want to do in the beginning. Removing the vest to reveal the t-shirt but it's worth it.

Really like the print and the tattoo like effect on the neck to make this head a proprietary item.

Like I said, this may not be my last threeA.

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