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Monday, December 17, 2012

Parrot Drone ... ...

Have always been fascinated by flight and being in control and so owning flying remote controlled vehicle has always been something I enjoy. The AR Drone by Parrot has been around since 2010 I believe and the $400+ price tag is what kept me away from it. 

This year, Parrot released AR DRONE2.0 with a HD camera and the ability to flip and absolute control (regardless of orientation).

Anyway, was in Hong Kong and Toys'R'Us is a usual place I would go for the slightly cheaper Transformers and Bandai products. There I spotted it; AR Drone1.0 on sale!

And so, it got packed and ready to fly home

Packaging is a paper sleeve over a carton box. The content felt so weightless I was afraid there's nothing inside.

Remove the sleeve and you will see the carton box with some print and the other side is a helipad.

The drone is snuggly packed in egg carton style with everything in view.

The Drone comes in default indoor hull which I prefer but it does add weight and also lesser maneuverability. 

Closeup look at the rotor and the blade (above). The undercarriage has a cam and sensors.

A closeup look at the underside of the rotor with IC board exposed (no playing in the rain I guess)

Closeup of the front cam of the Drone and the undercarriage cam and its sensors.

Remove the indoor hull and the battery compartment is exposed. It uses a Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery and sadly, it lasted about 15 minutes for the maiden flight.

Snap on the outdoor hull and it's ready to play outside. However, do noticed that the blades are exposed and that means piloting skills need to be top-notch.

 The outdoor hull comes in yellow, blue and green with orange as the base color.

This has to be one of the best remote control helicopters around with auto pilot mode that ensures the drone doesn't crash and best of all; it's controlled via the iPad or iPhone. For Android folks, there's the app availble in the Android market as well.

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