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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fafner Mark Sieben ... ...

a Fafner mecha from a series which I've never heard of not to mention watching it. For those who follows my blog knows I'm kind of a bargain hunter and snaps things up during cheap sales.

So, this is one of those I've picked up from Taka's Craziest Toy Sale this year and yes, I'm taking photos only now.

This is Fafner Mark Sieben piloted by Maya Tomi. More about this Mecha and the animation "Dead Aggressor - Heaven and Earth" HERE.

Something about this mecha makes it different and I've realised it's the torso design and its unique articulation; much like those twist and turn puzzle.

There are also a couple of tempo prints on the toy but the "Made in China" one sure didn't complement the toy very much.

The Mark Sieben comes with flight capability and it's equipped with a long range firearm and I love huge guns!

This is one of the 4 main ones from the series and personally, I prefer this to the rest.

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