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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pro it like Jason Statham ... ...

Jason Statham a British actor that has shot to fame in action flicks such as Transporter, Safe, Parker and recently Expendables 1 and 2.

It's rare for me to be this carefree on a Saturday and so, I did a little kitbashing with Jason's head which again was bought some time ago.

What I have here are
  • Alpha Toys body
  • Dolls Figure: CC154 Black Leather Coat Full Set (Version 2)
  • Dolls Figure: Boots from CC189 - Motorcyclist Set
  • Head Play: Jason Head Sculpt 
  • Loading Toys: 22 Regiment SAS tactical suit
As for the weapons,
  • M16 Sniper Rifle (can't remember which make)
  • Desert Eagle pistol (Coo Model)
  • M4 with Grenade Launcher (can't remember which make)

Kit up for assassination job.

Let's kit him up for Black Ops mission. This suit has been worn by Liam Neeson.

My very own band of MIBs



desmond said...

Jon, it's a good try to kit bash your own figure and I believe you have so much fun doing that :)

Jonloh said...

Oh Ya Des! I've never see myself owning any military figures when I first saw them at Action City. I thought to myself "Who would buy these?" I guess I've limited resource back then. On top of that I have to purchase toys that I like and they were never taller than 10 cm tall.

It was really until Hot Toys' Batman (2008) and Iron Man (2009) that I began to explore 1:6.

Then my first figure
triggered the whole collection.

Although my collection is nothing compared to many. I'm happy with what I have as I truly enjoyed everyone of them even when the fingers hurt so much after kitting some of them.

And you know what. Somehow, I feel more satisfaction completing a 1:6 military figure than any other toys...hmmm.