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Monday, March 4, 2013

Rumble Ravagely ... ...

Takara Tomy's latest Masterpiece offering 'Soundwave', see here, sees the release of its cassette tapes decepticons. This weekend, we have Rumble and Ravange.

This has to be smallest package I've ever seen for the Masterpiece line.

These 2 are definitive characters for me and since I have Soundwave, these will complete him partially as I away Frenzy and Buzzsaw.

Like Soundwave, there is a commemorative coin and this time it's in a cassette tape packaging. How nostalgic is that. Youngsters today will never know how this piece of technology work. 

Notice that the Hasbro differs in namely Ravage as compared to the Takara Tomy box which named it Jaguar instead. 

Slide everything out of the box and you get everything you need for the 2 decepticons.

 First up is Rumble and check out the excellent paint application.

Transformation is a breeze and everything just unfolds to form a truly articulated figure.

In the cartoon, everything just seem to morph and get conjure out of nowhere but here, Rumble has to carry his own accessories...bummer! 

The signature pile drivers brings back memories of watching Rumble and Frenzy making the earth move under their feet. 

 Alright, funs over and Rumble packs his backpack and gets ready to go home.

Next up is Ravage and suddenly, the environment turns grave when this menacing beast appears. Although small in stature, this Decepticon is much feared by the Autobots for it's a lean mean killing machine; literally.

Transformation is as easy and articulation here is perfect except the head has no neck joint; so Ravage's vision is limited to linear view only.

This panther is really a show-off as it can pose to any posture thinkable of a life-like panther.

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