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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wave to the Sound of Music ... ...

The purchase of the recent MP-13 has got me into a frenzy of looking for something that I have purchased long ago.

I actually had the black version as well but I'm more keen in just opening the white instead.

This was released many years back under the Music Label series which means it really works as a music player!

 Notice the headphones that comes with the player? Well, I've not tried them.

The player mode is the classic walkman design with working buttons. Transformation is intuitive and easy. It requires 1 AAA battery and the compartment is found at the back.

Articulation is limited here but you get everything Soundwave has in terms of weapon system.

Well, don't plan to use this as a MP3 player cos it reads SD card but there is no display screen to view what's playing. Think of it like a oversize iPod Shuffle.

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