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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dinobot Snarl Reboot in Age of Extinction ... ...

Dinobots from Transformers to me are fantastic additions to the series simply for the fact I love both dinosaurs and robots; what more for transforming dinobots!

The same sob story of how deprived I've been growing up carries on here in this post as I review Snarl from the latest TF movie, Age of Extinction. However, this guy didn't make the cut to be featured in the full length movie.

What we have here is a Hasbro Deluxe version of Snarl. 

Can't help but noticed that recommended age has gone up to 8+ and this gives good reasons for stingy or boring parents the excuse for not buying the toys. The all familiar phrase in toys department is "So big already, still buy toys? So childish!"

Children, stand up for your rights to being childish simply because you are children, you are meant to be childish. Anyway, back to my review.

The stegosaurus mode is superb and I like that translucent green on the armor plates.

The mouth opens and closes while the neck is limited movement with single swivel joint.

Zero articulation for the tail and limited movement of the feet too.

Noticed something interesting here when transforming Snarl. There is another head in the right thigh which I felt was rather unnecessary. Snarl is very unhappy being associated to be double-headed.

Robot form looks very good. Very menacing and it could pass off as a Decepticons if not for the Autobot badge.

There's quite a bit of variation with how you want the weapon to function and I prefer the Chinese style pole weapon with the axe on top and the spikes below.

The articulation is fantastic and that's attributed to facilitate transformation process. Well, who's complaining?

Very nice figure and now that I have taken the photos, I bid him adieu and pass him to my son.


deSMOnd said...

This is a great piece!!

Jonloh said...

I couldn't agree more