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Monday, September 22, 2014

MMS 213: Hot Toys Mark XXXIII Siver Centurion ... ...

The House Party Protocol summons the suits that Tony has been tinkering with in his spare time. Introducing Mark XXIII, aka Silver Centurion. Info about him, here.

Pictorial review, here

This is Hot Toys's regular material Iron Man Suit from Iron Man 3, MMS213. I have lowered my expectations of what Hot Toys is dishing out for me.
Packaging is very less exciting but I'm not complaining as this makes discarding less painful.

Nice inner boxart just before you reach the figure. The figure comes as it is and there are no troublesome plastic wrappers to remove.

Some interesting things to note is
1. Batteries are provided but not the screwdriver
2. Display base is provided but no light up function
3. Flexible rod provided but I don't think I care

Getting to the battery compartments is easy to figure out.

Light'em up! Some details are looked into but it has been all so familiar with Red Snapper.

The upper torso has 3 segments (thank goodness) and the joints at the thighs and hip allow more movement.

The Vibranium Dagger is diecast material and can be attached to all the hands provided.

Battle damage is as much as this goes.

So, I guess with Iron Man 3, I may reconsider my future purchases of Iron Man suits as Marvel has practically given its license to whoever is interested to make them. So, let's wait and see which company will come along and share Hot Toy's pie.


deSMOnd said...

I like this piece but cease collecting from IM 3 series..

Jonloh said...

I second that notion of cessation. Will stop soon. Enough is enough.