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Saturday, September 20, 2014

MMS197 DS-02 Mark XLII Part II ... ...

I need to retract an negative comment about Hot Toys Mark XLII which I made in my previous post.

This post will devote solely to feature what I deemed as good enough "Landing Pose"

I was quite unsettled with the fact that the Mark XLII can't get the landing pose right, I went to look at Hot Toys's official website which I remember there was a picture of the pose. To my surprise, it was removed!

However, I was rather determined to do some justice to Mark XLII and had this pose finally done to my satisfaction.

To get this done, I had to remove the legs from the sockets and firstly get the upper body aligned properly. There are 3 segments in the upper torso, the chest, upper abdomen and lower abdomen and each is to be adjusted to get their positions right.

Next, swing out the lower lumbo sacral joint which is released with the button above the buttock. Lastly, attached the legs and adjust the positions.

It no longer looks ridiculous and Hot Toys should be credited for a job well done but I wonder why had they removed the picture of the landing pose from their website?

I realised the left leg could have been positioned better with the thigh and hip gap minimised. Compare pictures above and below.

Now, that's a very cool figure that's worthy of the price tag!


LEon said...

I think hottoys should give you a prize for your effort to do some modification to make this pose work. Is more of your effort to make that pose work than hottoys tho.

Jonloh said...

Thx bro! Seriously, I'm losing my faith in hot toys.