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Sunday, September 21, 2014

VERY COOL MAGIC CUBE Kitbash Black Female Shooter EASY & SIMPLE PLAY TOY ... ...

I had always wanted a female PMC sniper and along came Magic Cube Toys (MC Toys) with their Black Female Shooter kit. I had attempted to use a Phicen body for this but the nondetachable feet of the Phicen figure left me with little choice to get this Play Toy figure with an Asian head sculpt which I have no idea who she is.
Complete figure with the MK20 Sniper Support Rifle from Easy & Simple
I started off with kitting the Play Toy figure and had decided to remove a certain upper torso prosthetic as I didn't want the wrong idea I may generate with this item displayed.

Closer look at the head sculpt and can any kind soul tell me who this is? The Under Armor cap below is quite a nice touch. This isn't my first encounter with Play Toy, see here for my first Play Toy product encounter.

My intention is for you to take a good look at the Under Armor baseball cap. The black glove hands actually came from the Very Cool Female Military Boots and Glove Hands Set.

If you have noticed, I have decided to put the prosthetic part back.

Ok, maybe the tactical vest will make you pay more attention at the baseball cap. 

The boots here are from the MC Toys kit as these pair is really very well-made and authentic comparing to an actual pair of boots.

Let's add on the jacket to really keep those prying eyes away and I realised the head sculpt chosen is too sweet to be sniper...

Ready for her mission.

She really seems to enjoy shooting.

Glad that I have finally completed this kit and the only gripe I have is I should have got a less smiley head.

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