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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bandai 1/72 Tie Advanced x1 ... ...

continuing from the earlier post of X-Wing, we have here Darth Vader's Tie Advanced x1 prototype in hot pursuit from the scene of the trench run before Luke launched the proton torpedoes and blowing the Death Star to kingdom come.

Let's put our attention on Vader's ride.

This kit looks pre-painted and I thought I could have done this much faster than X-wing. However, I am wrong.

The all black Vaders.

Let's put some color on Vaders.

Doing up Vader's cockpit and I choose not to use the labels provided.

Ok, I used one of the water slide labels and painted the rest.

The Tie Advanced is done in no time along with paint and markings.

 Add on the laser effect and this Tie looks really good.

From the earlier post, I mentioned about my first X-wing and here it is.

Comparison between the 2.

Push the plunger at the rear and the X-wing is ready to crash on Dagobah.


I think this is my last from this series as I really thought this is a snap-fit and it will be done quick but it has been quite a strain on my eyes and not to mention time.


deSMOnd said...

Bro, this one is nice!!

Jonloh said...

Yup, with practice, comes better paint job! I guess I really used the Force this time.

某K said...

Did u use Gundam markers for this model too?looks amazing!

某K said...

looks amazing! Did u use Gundam markers for this one too?

Jonloh said...

Hi 某K. Yes, I used Gundam markers and 1 or 2 other types of permanent markers for the silver or gold. I've also used Pilot permanent colored markers too.