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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hot Toys Mark XX Python Repaint ... ...

Iron Man III introduced what a genius and how free and rich Tony Stark is to create suits for various purposes. This obviously opened up the cash register for Disney who owns Marvel now and Hot Toys, one of those licensed company which has been churning out the suits since Iron Man. 

The irritating part about Hot Toys is those exclusives that you can get only if you attend conventions which I'm not too keen to spend the time and money for. So, I have to give those that are on sale only during such events a miss. Mark XX Python is one of those.

However, if you study Python properly and you will realized, it's basically made up of various other releases and recolored.

It has the 
Head of Mark XXXIII Silver Centurion
Body of Mark VII
Arms of Mark VII
Thigh and Legs of Mark XVII Heartbreaker

Ok, it isn't quite the Python but it will do for me for now.

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