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Monday, June 15, 2015

Neither Beast Kingdom nor Lego ... ...

The bootleg markets are really giving legit toy companies a run for their money with the number of unlicensed products they are putting into the market.

Bought these in Taipei and you can find plenty of these around; word of advice, look around, compare prices before you part with your money. They just get cheaper.

These are bootlegs of what Beast Kingdom has done and these came with the headphone plug which you can plugged into the phone and use it like a charm. Do ignore the labeling of the suits as it's really messed up. The one on the left is actually Mark II while the one on the right is Mark IV.

The picture above is to prove my point earlier of compare prices. Before I got these, I saw these retailing at NTD220 from another shop and then I saw these at NTD150. I grabbed and when I pealed off the price tag and saw it was retailing at NTD280 before... What a steal or is it?

Other suits available are above. I bought these for their unique paint finish which Hot Toys will make for show exclusives. However, these are obviously not Hot Toys equivalent. The are about 3.5 inches tall with no articulations except for slight head movement.

They do light up like those by Beast Kingdom.

Next up are the Lego versions of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, I couldn't find complete set of each variant but am happy to get all 4!






deSMOnd said...

Ninja Turtles still look okay..

Jonloh said...

Yup. Very tempted by the ThreeA ones but will have to past.