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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back in Action ... ...

is this surprise find at John Little's Sale at Singapore Expo. I was there for Sitex and then hopped over to Hall 3 where John Little is having a sale and chanced upon this treasure.

This is a Mobile Suit in Action (MSIA) MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam from the Gundam series of the same name. However, this colour scheme is not from the anime.

There were like 6 of these nicely wrapped in polystyrene with a $15 price tag. I figured that it is cheap as a regular MSIA back then was tagged at $25+.

The exclusive black box was the attraction factor but this thing is really old with a coat of black powder on the packaging; most probably from the paint of the box.

The box art is a clean white schematic drawing of the mecha on black and I almost bought 2 of this just because of the packaging. I have to emphasize; Almost.

The internal is what you find in a regular MSIA figure, trays to fit the figure and all its accessories. We have here the beam rifle, beam saber, hyper mega launcher and hands for rifle and beam saber.

Out of the packaging, I noticed that the figure is not all black but has this gun metal kind of finish. This made it looked even better as it looks more like a machine.

The hyper mega launcher as its name implies is really huge! It can be held in either the left handed or right handed orientation.

Surprising, with a little adjustment to the centre of gravity of this figure, it is able to hold up this huge weapon on its own.

The regular beam rifle. The only contrasting colour on this figure is the green focused eyes.

Great poseability on this figure and with a display stand, it can be quite a show piece. Too bad it's only 12 cm tall.

The classic beam saber. The Zeta Gundam is actually a Mobile Armour (plane) and a Mobile Suit (robot) which means it can transform into a plane. However, this is not a perfect transformation kind where parts have to be removed in order to complete the transformation.


Shaun said...
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Shaun said...

very nice score on this piece. Great inspiration for me to complete my PG Zeta Gundam.

Jonloh said...

Yes, indeed it your next item is a Zeta and do you mean you are going to paint it BLACK?

Shaun said...

haha nope, standard colours. :)