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Sunday, November 15, 2009

SDCC Captain America ... ...

is an unplanned purchase due to the fact that I'm not a fan of Captain America. I bought this Marvel Universe Figure for a few reasons:

1. It is a San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) Exclusive item
2. It is really cheap at only $14.90 from Toys'R'Us
3. It is uncoloured (perhaps that's why it's cheap)

Unlike the regular Marvel Universe figure, this came with a little cardboard sleeve to hold the actual packaging. It comes with a close up artwork of Captain America and a SDCC sticker.

Slide the actual item out and you have a grey Captain America. The back of the sleeve has a picture of the shield. I like it uncoloured as this guys is around since WWII and during that time, techicolor wasn't around yet.

I'll leave him in the packaging because it makes it more conplete. Unless, there are other uncoloured Marvel characters.

I like this "70 Years of Marvel Comics" print at the side of the sleeve. For those who are interested to get this (unless you already knew where), it is from TRU Tampines.

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