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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The demise of ... ...

my Star Wars collection as I have to sadly realised once again that the situation has not improved in anyway. I am still face with the fate of purchasing overpriced Troopers from toy shops as there are only peg warmers left in the departmental stores.

This is actually one of my last purchases and I have this for a few months already. What we have here is a 3.75 inch Space Trooper which I'm not too sure when was this featured in the Star Wars saga.

Anyway, I just like troopers and so there is no reason to stop me from buying this guy and I did picked him up from Isetan at $18.90.

The facial expression of the trooper is one that reflects how I am feeling towards another failure in the quest to "Collect'em all".

He is different from the regular storm trooper with his rocket booster cum oxygen tank pack and the larger blaster. This figure is rather retro looking with the colour combination and his pointy boots.

All pictures here taken using a Canon Ixus 65 with Digital Macro mode.

This is it, no more buying of Star Wars figures but may still photograph them as I still have plenty of unopened ones ... ...

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