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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Before rEvolution ... ...

when revoltech is simply Revoltech and when price of this is kept at $20. No, wait, I bought this at only $10! Ok ok, it was a clearance item.

Anyway, I collected almost all of revoltech's figure as long as they are robots. I had this for a very very long time and since I opened Dancouga, I figured, I'll take some picture for YF-21 from Macross Plus.

The YF-21 comes with fast pack and it looks better with them on and if you have noticed, revoltech's figure is not transformable. However, news has it that future releases will feature full transformation!

The display stand provided makes it looks deliciously fantastic.

Revoltech joints, if positioned correctly adds realism to your figure.

I am missing the good old cheaper Revoltech compared to the more expensive Revoltech Yamaguchi but that will not stop me from collecting. Simply just a couple more lamentation.

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