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Friday, May 28, 2010

EXIAllent ... ...

find is how I would describe this figure that I am going to blog about. It is another one of those unintentional purchases as this figure was already in the market a few years ago. I gave it a miss then simply because I found it too expensive with the kind of accessories packed into it

What we have here is the 00 (read as Double O) Region under the G.F.F (Gundam Fix Figuration) series and of course by Bandai. Found this stacked in the toys department at Takashimaya going for $45 but I guess if I bought it back then at one of the shops in CSC; it would have been tagged at that price as well.

You have no idea how good this figure feels until your skin gets into contact with it. However, articulation is a tad too limited but most G.F.F figures are like that.

The size of this is approximately at the ratio of 1:144 or slightly bigger. However, it's the detailing that has attracted me to purchase it.

Exia is one of 4 Gundams from the series and it is made for close combat and thus its only equipped with one beam rifle that is in the main GN sword.

The beam rifle with the GN sword retracted. This equipment does very little damage and so it is not used most of the time. Effectively, Exia is equipped with 7 swords:
GN Sword
GN Long Blade
GN Short Blade
GN Saber x 2
GN Dagger x 2

All these armaments are nicely concealed at the back away from enemy's sight.

GN sword activated
GN long and short blade

GN beam saber

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