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Friday, May 28, 2010

Saw Red ... ....

Like the Exia from the earlier entry, this was bought on the same day. Again, this figure was out I think about 1 or 2 years ago. I am not familiar with this but google tells me that this is featured in a Manga series.

Price tag for this is not cheap; $60 which I most probably would have paid $10 less at CSC.

However, I did not really mind the price because of the accessories which are what I feel a G.F.F  should be packed with. Most G.F.F figures gives you this alter-ego mode of the figure which in this case is the RX-78 and the Red Warrior.

Packaging of G.F.F is always done nicely and you wouldn't have the heart to open it up as you can see everything with its clear display. 

Red Warrior parts are on the right of the figure (precautionary note in Japanese states that one should be careful when handling the head as parts can be fragile)

I really hate those twist ties and you really wonder if the toy has committed a crime so serious that it needs to be bound so tightly.

Free at last. The basic figure is a RX-78, the mother of all Gundams. However, this is in Red and I love the shade used here.

The standard equipment is the beam rifle, shield and 2 beam saber at the shoulder.

Let's get to the main feature of this and it is the Red Warrior frame. Firstly, we need to strip all the unnecessary parts and get really for the transformation.

parts of the RX-78 not needed anymore

The Red Warrior looks pure evil with it's armor, weaponry and face sculpt. Very Samurai look which is what Gundams are modeled after.

Beam Bazooka

Huge beam saber 


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