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Friday, February 4, 2011

Evactually another Eva ... ...

I have no idea how many times I mentioned in this blog that I do not want to get another Eva. Especially another Test Type-01. 

However, here we are with another Revoltech Yamaguchi release of the Test Type-01. 

Why did I get this? Well, let's start off with LED lights which I'm obsess with things with lights. The next attraction point is the glow in the dark paint feature which unfortunately, my lens cannot do low light photography to show.

I suspect this is going to be a whole new series of LED and glow in the dark series starting with this item with the serial number 100.

There's a slight twist in the packaging different from the other Revoltech releases; twist ties to hold the figure in place which is really a drag. The generous offering for interchangeable hands kind of makes up for this inconvenience.

An Eva figure is one of the most tacky display toys as this bio-mechanical beast stands in a rather unique pose which I am skipping for now.

Poseability for Revoltech is never a problem but some adjustment is required if you want to achieve certain poses.

Weapons given for this are limited to progressive knife and rifle. Anyway, like I mentioned before, this guy just need his fists.

I talked about the LED light and it's actually on the heart of the angel that Eva 01 has to battle and I happened to have the angel from one of those capsule toys lying around at home. Perfect for the series of shots that follows.

Here's the LED light in action with Eva 01 pounding the life out of the angel when it went berserk.

Seriously, I hope this is my last Eva purchase and hopefully they stop making great releases like this!! It's really a must get for all Evangelion fans.


neoconvoy said...

this will never be the last figure until the franchise dies. haha. EVA-02 is already being plan for release.

Jonloh said...

yap! This is the just the beginning but I'm hoping it's my last from this line and Evas too.