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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Figure to Play for ... ...

and I have just within a span of 1 week score myself another 1:6 scale military figure. I did mentioned that I would have stopped at Sniper PMC Mark from ZC World in the previous entry but I may have entered a realm which may not see the end of this genre of collection.

Was scouring for another PMC/special force type of figure and saw this CIA Field Operator by Dr Figures.

A few factors contributed to the purchase 
  1. The kind of outfit which I like
  2. Head sculpt of Will Smith
  3. Manageable packaging
  4. Cheap (thanks to a fellow collector who decided to let it go)

Packaging here is simpler than ZC World with just a paper carton box with a slide out cover.

Open up the cover and you have everything packed all over the place with zip lock bags for the accessories. As usual, no instructions for what goes where and this is clearly a sign that such toys are simply not just toys.

Take the figure out and fix on the head and this guy is dressed in black but the shoes are not quite suitable for the outfit. tactical boots would be more suitable in my opinion since he's supposed to be in military outfit.

Looking at the figure and the load of accessories in the box and it dawn on me I need to dress him up! 

It took me 2 hours to finally put everything (almost all) on him based on the picture on the box. Not only did I dress him, I even had to do some sewing as some of the strap slot was torn when I tried to slot the utility pouches in. The strap for rifle butt needs to be cut off first in order to slot it in and re-sewn. 

Firearms provided for this are
  • Beretta RX-4 rifle with whole host of accessories (stocks options and suppressor)
  • M1911 pistol with suppressor

Reviewing the photos made me realized I did not put the muzzle brake of the rifle on!!

The figure comes with other accessories like mobile phone, walkie, headset, knit cap, cap, shade, haversack and many others which are very common for figures of this genre.

Relatively new to this form of collection, I need to get used to some fashion sense like wearing the shemagh. The shemagh is so large, it's more suitable being a picnic mat.

Overall, the figure did not excite me as much as Sniper PMC Mark. The ankle of this figure is not as tight and thus, slight problem when posing but not serious. However, it is still a great poseable figure that is nicely accessorize. One disappointment is the breakage of the magazine of the RX4 but a dash of super glue did the trick to get it fixed.

So, I'll be realistic this time and shall see what's available in this genre and may just add more 1:6 scale military men.

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