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Saturday, February 26, 2011

SAD Figure(d) Out ... ...

Week 3 and 1:6 military men no.3. 

Soldier Story - CIA SAD (Special Activities Division) Night Ops Version 2 (2.1)

This one came as a surprise. This product was released sometime last October and it's clearly "sold out". This piece is again from the secondary market and a fellow collector was kind enough to let it go (perhaps its you).

This is my first Soldier Story figure and was kind of expecting the packaging to be like Dr Figures and ZC World. However, I was wrong and it's more like a Hot Toy or Sideshows which came in a nice flap flip box with everything housed in trays.

It came with a nice box art as well and this is rather crucial as like most (I presumed) 1:6 figures, there's no instruction manual.

Above is the packaging opened with the main figure in the main tray and everything else organized neatly in 2 side trays. Looking at it, I thought I could kit him up fast. I read in Alex's blog ( that it's not an easy piece to put together and the gloves can be a killer. Well, we'll see (I thought)

Took the figure out and the poor guy is already 'dead' with a plastic bag taped around his head. The facial expression looks pretty apt too.

The figure by itself looks lean and dressed in black from head to toe. Paddings on every joint and I found out that they are actually glued on (because one them dropped off and the glue is still 'fluid').

Articulation is fantastic which is a standard which I have come to terms with that toys of such genre as I mentioned that my earlier encounters with 1:6 figures are from Hot Toy. I particularly like the tactical boots which I wished CIA Field Operator would have come in.

From this point, I will attempt to kit him up and I have no idea if I'm making a mistake or mistakes. Let's start with the armor vest.

The next thing to put on is the harness which is beginning to get a little challenging. However, nothing beats the gloves that follow.

The two hands are firstly differently sculpted and it took me about 30 minutes to put on the left hand and I was very glad that no damage was spotted on the glove after all the pulling and stretching. 

Then came the trigger hand; the thumb and index fingers went in like a breeze as I improved the process from the earlier attempt. Then the third finger to the pinky finger just refused to get themselves into the finger slot. I pulled and stretched and it just wouldn't happen. Then, disaster struck, the glove tore!  SIAN AH!! (Singapore colloquial term for feeling frustrated). 

I did not give up after that....I pulled and stretched but with lesser strength. Then it dawned on me that the fingers may be stuck together! Reluctantly, I removed the glove and true enough, the fingers are joined together. Took a pen knife and sliced them apart (not sure if I've done it right but I didn't bother).

After 1 hour, 30 minutes, the gloves are put on. Ok, no more figures that requires glove fitting.

Next item is the hooded jacket which I chose to put on for the figure as I like to accessorized my toys as close to what it's meant to be as possible.

The assault vest is the next to go on. This came with pouches on it and some that needed to be strapped on. As I was studying the box art for reference, I realized the vest is somehow different. I was then informed by Google that this is a US reissue version. Where to fit the second M9 pistol? So, this is technically speaking Version 2.1 instead.

Moving on to the head and the SORDIN headset and skull bandana. I also missed out the drop-leg platform and had to remove the vest to put those on. Bummer!

Looking good and finally slapped on everything else on him.
  • TC2002 communication helmet
  • NVG and mounting
  • Beretta M9 pistol in the side holster (right drop leg platform) + magazines
  • Bolt cutter
  • Flexi-cuffs
  • Drinking tube
  • Comms Radio and cabling
  • Remington M870 shotgun and the extra rounds
  • Heckler and Koch G36C assault rifle and extra magazines

The whole process took me about 6 hours to kit him up and I don't think I want to dekit him and will figure a way to put him back into the packaging as it is. I had also applied glue on the EOtech sights and the tactical light on the G36C. Glue was also applied on the connecting studs (internal) of the helmet.

Found a neater way to slot the M870 shotgun in-between the pouches for a tidier look.

NVG activated and it can be used for either eye. As there are some many parts that may just fall off (perhaps my own opinion that they will), I did not pose the figure too much and kept to conservative poses.

Close up shot of the flash bang grenade which I slotted the two into one of the many pouches available.

Looking at what's left, I have used up almost everything that is the packaging leaving only the extra hands (which are really extras), extra belt, the cyalume sticks, tactical light on helmet and extra M9 magazines.

I just realized today (7/4/11), that the hands are not extras!! They are like the ones from Crazy Dummy which fully articulated. Which means the gloves would have be slipped in much easier!! Now, I feel stupid!


The Heckler and Koch G36C assault rifle with attachable magazine for fast reloading.

The Remington M870 with working pump action and the shotgun rounds can be fitted inside as well.

Here is where I managed to store the Beretta M9 which comes with working sliding hammer.


The decision to dekit was eventually made as I have no space to display this guy and I can't imagine the amount of dust that will be landing on it. I definitely need a display case if I ever eventually want to display this.

Took some final head shots (with the bandana stuffed in the jacket and the hood up) just for fun.

I was really hesitant to dekit this as I was afraid it will take relatively same amount of time to house everything back into the packaging. However, folks at Soldier Story might have gave this a little thought and the main tray has ample space for certain things to stay intact while being able to fit in. Thus, I chose not to remove the pouches from drop leg platform and assault vest.

I've even left the jacket and armor vest on the figure and it managed to go into the tray and the box closed without any problem.


I am very impressed with the figure and myself for putting through the 'pleasureable' torture of kitting this up. I have upgraded myself from a simple to kit (PMC Sniper) to this which is like the Mount Everest of 1:6 figure for me. So, until the next impressive figure comes along. I am signing out for now from this collection.

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