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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Toys Loading ... ...

I mentioned in the last entry about ending up wtih 2 left feet for the Toy City nude body and the good people at TFH got the right (in every sense) one for me today.

Finally, the correct right foot for the figure and then it occurred to me that I was not too impressed with Dr Figures' shoes for the CIA Field Operator.

So, I got myself the Seal Team set by Loading Toys which the box art here features a scene from 'The Rock' starring Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery.

The rear of the box is rather ridiculous and the picture above is self-explanatory.

The packaging is simple and everything is just wrapped in plastic bags.

So, what did I get from this $60 purchase?
  • Seal Team shirt with collar
  • Seal Team pants
  • Assault vest with loads of compartments
  • Tactical boots 
  • M4 in diecast (really heavy)
  • M4 magazine

The best part about this purchase is the boots which are made of rubber top, plastic soles and strings as laces.

Comparing with the one from Dr Figures; this pair of boots is a clear winner.

Put everything on Dr Figures' body and finally, Liam is wearing some clothes while he waits for his SAS Regiment clothes also from Loading Toys.

Kitbash time as I changed the shoes and vest for both the figures as shown above and below.

Will now looks more menacing than before with the vest. The SBO makes him look more like a PMC which Liam pulls off pretty well.

One more head shot of Liam from Head Play and boy he looks realistic.


desmond said...

Jon, nice kitbashing you have done to Liam Neeson. I have that head as well and I have put him with a business suit..Very nice head indeed :)

Jonloh said...

Hi Desmond, thx for the comment. Yes it's a great HS. Waiting for more frm head play.