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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Captain America 3.75 ... ...

Post Christmas sale and OG brought the price of Cap down to $10.

Couldn't resist the temptation and I bought 4 of what I think best represent Cap.

The WWII Rescue Mission Cap

The 1st Avenger Version Cap

The Comic Version Cap

Jungle Fury Variant

I kind of like this version which I dubbed the Rescue Mission Cap. He comes with his stage shield, helmet from one of the female dancers, rifle and a pistol. Very well made figure with loads of details and articulation.

Mine came with a bit of a defect; no holder attached to the shield.

Next up, the comic book cap and I have to admit that I'm not a Cap fan and so my knowledge of this version is it was still WWII when he donned this costume.

This version came with a huge cannon which probably Howard Stark created.

This is supposedly the 1st Avenger version but it's not exactly accurate in terms of the movie. Perhaps it is for comic books.

The shield comes with this dice and slice gimmick which is much like the current guillotines. History lesson HERE

There are 2 holders in the dice and slice shield for the break apart version and perhaps this is the only time I'll pose Cap this way.

Since I don't have much use for the 2nd holder from the break apart shield, I used it for the WWII version Cap.

 Last up is the Jungle Fury Cap and the camouflage scheme is a nice touch.

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