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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Complete Slice of Grendizer GX-04S ... ...

The Bandai Tamashii Nations GX04S UFO Robo Grendizer Space King Set UFO Robo Grendizer by Soul of Chogokin. Finally took time out to sit myself down for some serious work. Bought this reissue item couple of months ago and had a little review HERE 

Today, I will complete the rest of this toy that brought back some childhood memories; or at least vague memories of watching this anime dubbed in Mandarin on Channel 8.

I just realised I didn't attached the shoulder boomerang on the last time and this time, I've mistaken the blades of the Double Harken as the boomerang. Well, no matter.

The reason for the hold back in completing this is the amount of work that needs to be put in because partial assembly is needed for all the spacers

Really enjoys SOC products which has loads of diecast giving this nostalgic feel of yesteryears. 

The double harken can be wielded wielded either individually or combined.

The first spacer is the Double Spacer and there's considerable amount of diecast on this and assembly required.

The landing mode above and the flight mode below. Another pix below shows the turbine which doesn't turn.

Attachment is done cleverly with the use of a magnet which slots into the back of Grendizer.

The next spacer is the one I remembered most clearly which Grendizer gets transported most of the time. It's simply called the Spacer.

More parts to put together and this is mainly made of plastic. Very detailed and the mechanism works like a charm.

The side drills are made of rubber and do take note if yours is still in the box as mine came deformed due to prolonged storage. However, a bit of hot water treatment solves the problem.

To get Grendizer in, you need to shorted the legs and all I need now is a SD head to complete the look.

The internal of the Spacer looks great and it's really wonderful that Bandai paid attention to such details.

The all familiar gattai (combine) look.

Most SOC lines of robots come with a display stand that practically displays everything, even the hands.

This makes a great display piece in any cabinets and it's a pity I've ran out of such available space.

This complete set comes with 2 other spacers; the Marine and Drill Spacers.

It comes with a separate display stand to be attached to the original stand for all spacers to be displayed in a flight mode display.

The Marine Spacer attached to the back via a magnet as well. Its pontoon floats can be extended and retracted. 

The Drill Spacer is the second largest of all the spacers with diecast parts and the front drills are attached to the arms of Grendizer. This means the forearms need to be removed before attachment.

 It comes with wheels on rubber tracks which is something that I've not seen for a long time.
 A clearer view of the rubber track

Movement of Grendizer will be quite restricted here as it can only prone down looking forward.

Finally, everything on the stand and I hope to display this someday when I find the space for all the spacers.


desmond said...

thanks for your detailed review..i enjoyed it..

Jonloh said...

Desmond. Glad you enjoyed the pix as much as I enjoyed taking them.