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Saturday, January 19, 2013

First Avenger, Captain America ... ...

from the 2012 movie, The Avengers. This is Hot Toy's second version of Captain America. The earlier one is the Movie version of Captain America - The First Avenger. See here for previous post.

I kind of like the retro feel to the packaging. The top of the packaging has the name of the content in bold. The design of the packaging is kept simple with a slipcase with the box to hold the contents.

The side of the packaging has the symbol of Cap which is the same wing emblem on the helmet.

Remove the sleeve and you are greeted with a red box and the Avenger symbol on the lower right corner. The side of the box bears the same wing emblem.

 A list of fantastic artists that made so many wonderful Hot toys, and they have been hot so far.

The top tray consists of Captain America and Steve Roger's alternative head, to satisfy the fans from the previous release but I don't quite like the head. There are a assortment of hands too but they seem redundant. There is also a hood which I had no idea why it's there.

The figure is quite a piece of artwork but the uniform is so stiff, it could have been ironed on with starch.

The second tray contains the shields, one bright and shiny while the other is the battle-used version. It's not damaged as it's made of vibranium which according to Howard Stark, "It's indestructible".

Closer look at the Steve Rogers and yes, it's Chris Evans all right.

It's only until I own this toy that I realized there are some details of the suit that are not symmetrically designed.

The back of the figure looks great too and I forgot to mention the utility belt is nicely made except for the back here where you can see the clips (left side) that holds the belt.

Subtle use of metal can be observed round the suit with details like the ones on the shoulder, the utility belt and zips.

In the packaging is a Chitauri energy rifle and perhaps it's a gimmick to get collectors to buy the soon to be released Chitauri figure. To hold the weapon, a hand needs to be removed and slot the peg into the hole on the weapon.

Here is the alternative head and I don't quite see the resemblance and the hood which I find too big.

Cap here is really pissed that he's not using his own weapon.

Primary weapon of Captain America is the circular Vibranium shield. Hot Toys did such a good job, it's looks authentic.

Stand tall, stand proud!

Posing Cap can be a challenge. Firstly, it's restricted by the suit and then by his boots.

The signature shield throwing stance and you'll need a display stand if you want it to bend it like Beckham.

This figure is more of a art piece than a toy like what's mentioned on the box, "Adult Collectible, Not a Toy" Now, you remember that!


deSMOnd said...

Bro..this is a nice figure..same like you..i prefer the head with mask..the likeness is good..

Jonloh said...

Yup bro! Totally dig this figure's uniform.