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Friday, January 11, 2013

Kre-O ... ...

Never thought Transformers will be made this tiny. It's indeed more than meets the eye with these little combiners from Kre-O!

Kind of realising my childhood dream of owning Predaking and Devastor.

Have seen Kre-O's cute version of Transformers and wanted very much to own the mini figures but nothing interesting from them until these stock the shelves. I couldn't resist and bought 2 and my son wanted Bruticus.

The packaging is quite something for keeps except for the front box art which is a mirror image.

Lots of assembly required and no perfect transformation. Almost everything needs to be removed and put together.

The original Devastator is made up of 6 constructicons but Kre-O complete Devastator with 4.

Bonecrusher and Scrapper

Mixmaster and Bonecrusher


The vehicle mode from left, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Bonecrusher and Scrapper.

The following parts are required to form Devastator.

Forming the legs


Lastly the arms

Overall playability is pretty good with decent articulation but some parts keep coming off. Quite a bargain considering 1 mini figure goes for about $7 and you don't even know what's in the packaging.

Left over parts of the Constructicons

Next, we have Predaking. Originally requires 5. Kre-O version; 4.





Forming the legs


The arms

Articulation is somewhat similar but Predaking is more sturdy with all parts staying intact except for the chest that's Razorclaw's head. This falls off quite easily.

For $19.90 each, these 2 satisfied my wish of owning 2 of Transformers' most notorious combiners.

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