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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Virtually Dark Soldier ... ...

sculpt after fictional character John Reaper from the video game turned screenplay 'Doom' played by Karl Urban.

It's been quite a while since my last 1:6 scale soldier purchase and what made me buy him?
1. Price
2. Gears

Virtual Toys or VTS is a China based toy company and this is my first from them. The box art is erm; I rather not comment.

The back of the box with the list of items provided is an interesting touch. It's a little word game for you to spot the mistakes....hmm, let's see headsculp, figuer .....

Figure comes neatly packed and protected with foam.

The figure has click joints which come as a surprised and no shorts, another surprise. The suit is well made and the zip works fine. However, the boots are really tacky and getting the figure to stand properly is a challenge.

All the accessories as promised and thank goodness the tactical suit comes kitted already!!

Fingers are fully articulated and this helps when putting on the gloves.

Head sculpt is decent and with likeness. Pass!

Ok, that's all there is to kit him up...Let's start. First, let's tale a look at the arsenal he packs.

The rifle, the pistol and the knife...checked!

He's up and running in no time...actually quite some time needed.

Dark Soldier needs a little dark touch so I applied the Loading Toys tactical skull mask.

Now, this is darker. I chose the black version of the 4 provided.

Articulation is limited by the suit and the boots otherwise, this figure is highly articulated. It fell and fell throughout the photo shoot.

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