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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DAM! USMC, 1991 Desert Storm ... ...

If not for the movie Jarhead, I would have given this item a pass. However, it's the NBC suit with the gas mask that nailed this purchase for me.

This is also my first DAM figure and I must say, I'm pretty impressed by it.

The box art is rather different from most 1:6 military figures and there was a little surprise on the inside of the box. See pix below.

 The pix above is the surprise I've mentioned earlier. Nice touch with a cartoon-like figure

The head sculpt is of Jake Gyllenhaa who plays Anthony "Swoff" Swofford in the movie Jarhead. It's essentially about USMC being deployed to the Persian Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm.

Gloves!! I really hate them. Improvement that I appreciate is the metallic pegs used to secure the pouches on the belts instead of straps which gave me a hard time every time!

Everything on the ALICE (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment) was set up in no time.... Pix below shows a close up of the ALICE butt pack. Very nicely done.

I think I really had it with gloves and there's no option for me not to have them on this figure. As you can see, I've done some degree of damage to them.

So, here we have the figure in his desert battle dress uniform and the Christmas hat was from the movie where they had a Christmas party which ended up with some fire and loads of extra duties for Swofford.

Ok, here's where weirdness begins where jungle camouflage is seen in the desert. The story goes that the military ran out of desert print ones so soldiers have to make do with what's in the store.

Same goes to the NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) suit. The military fears that Saddam Hussein would resort to chemical warfare, this suit is a standard issue and must be worn during missions. They probably die from heat stroke before they got shot.

Alright, allow Swof to demonstrate the suiting up process.

I really like this M17A1 gas mask and it really looks good complete with the cover.

Final touches includes putting on the flak jacket, ALICE system and helmet.

Let's not forget it's only weapon other than the Kar Bar combat knife and 4 grenades; the M16A2 assault rifle.

Really like this figure except for the gloves.


Unknown said...

Brilliant!! I didnt know d box was so cool.

I hate those gloves too, I was setting up this DAM figure the other day, and it had the same gloves.... what a nightmare!!! I also upgrade them with some damage.

Great pictures!!

Jonloh said...

Thx again Jako. Yes, I really hate gloves but they do make the figure better than molded ones. Such dilemma.