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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Soldier Story FBI CIRG ... ...

Critical Incident Response Group is a squad of specially trained soldiers to tackle hard to handle situations. Upon knowing that Soldier Story is releasing it in 1:6 scale; I know it's mine!

I seriously thought I can resist another 1:6 soldier figure but I was wrong, critically wrong!

Nothing much to mention about the box art with the regular design and layout. Chose one that's in a condition that I will dispose of immediately.

Looking at the layout of the items hinted that kitting will not take too long.

The body use comes with click joints in the shoulder and tight sturdy joints throughout. Love the head sculpt with man of the Hollywood moment; Jeremy Renner.

Details such as the boots and zipper are appreciated although these will be forgotten once everything else is slapped on.

 Some training in the gym before the mission and this guy knows his kung fu from his kung pao!

Ok! Here's comes the hard work...

Let's start with the helmet and I chose to glue the pieces on instead of using the applied double sided tapes that really tacky.

 The one that really took most of my time is the tactical vest which can be quite a work.

Another item that will be long forgotten is the military watch.

Below features the primary and secondary weapons, namely the M1911 Pistol, Heckler & Koch HK416 Rifle and M870 Shotgun.


Missed out the light attachment.

Improvement has been made to the radio in terms of the wires. It now comes in bendable twist tie-like material that allows for more play.

With everything set, it's time to suit up.

Angle of the camera makes him looks rather bloated in the pix above.

One of the highlights is the M45 gas mask that really adds a lot of fear factor to this figure.

So, that's my simple photo review of the item and below is a comparison of Soldier Story previous offering of CIA Special Activities Division (SAD) Nights Op couple of years back with CIRG.


desmond said...

Jon, thanks for your review and pictures. This really needs a lot of our time to assemble and put on all the accessories for the figure. I like the gas mask too. Anyway, the completed figure looks awesome and accessories are well produced. Very nice indeed!!

Jonloh said...

Thx Bro. Indeed it is a great figure and authenticity is high. Really enjoy having this piece in the display unit.

Unknown said...

I see you have review this figure too,
I love the review and the pictures,

I will add your blog to mine, nice work!

Desmond you are next!

Jonloh said...

Thx Jako!