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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Devastator Deconstructed ... ...

This is the final part of my review on Maketoys Giant Type-61.

As mentioned in my earlier post that this is not official Transformers product and thus, this guys go by a different name. They are named after their vehicle form with the number 61 attached.

Front Row (from left) : Excavator 61, Mixer 61, Bulldozer 61
Back Row (from left) : Mobile Crane 61, Dump Truck 61, Wheel Loader 61

First up, we have Scavenger (Excavator). Vehicle mode is decent but don't expect rubber tracks or piston activated excavator arms on this.

Robot mode has decent articulation and figure stands fine on its own in most poses. The only gripe I have is the Devastator arm connector jutting out of the back.

The weapon it has is one part of the main gun which is separated into 6 pieces. 

Scavenger here also has the additional feature of attaching Devastator's forearms.

Next we have Bonecrusher (Bulldozer) and features are similar to Scavenger above.

Robot mode is somewhat similar to Scavenger with the ugly connector jutting out.

Special feature here is beam sabers (not included)! Good that I have couple of beam sabers lying around.

The next guy is Hook (Mobile Crane) and vehicle mode looks very good.

Robot mode and I think this is the best in the set for its articulation and weapons.

The crane arm is very fun to pose with. You can attached it to its arm, shoulder and back as seen in the pictures.

Now we have Longhaul (Dump Truck) and the vehicle mode looks fantastic as one of those monster trucks. Just that it should have been larger than the other 5 but what can we expect of a toy?

Robot mode here looks kind of pudgy but... I'm all right with it.

Don't let its size fool you, this guy can pose and he packs 2 weapons. One is from one of the pieces from the main gun and the other is from the chest piece of Devastator.

Let's move on to Mixmaster (Mixer) and again vehicle mode is very realistic ....

 from the side ....

to the front and the side ...

until the back ...

The gaping slot at the rear which is use as a connector is an eyesore.

The feature here is that it can haul the forearm (transforms to portable power generators) of Devastator around ... ...

and even connects the 2 of them on his back.

This little feature here are 2 hidden missiles and targeting sight that were not mentioned in the instruction manual. However, it was something that stayed true to its G1 roots.

Finally, we will end of with Scrapper (Wheel Loader), the leader of the Constructicons.

It too has a slot and graping hook at the rear like Mixmaster.

The next best robot mode figure from this set.

And best in maintaining a kick.

The is my first full feature combiner set and I am impressed with what Maketoys has done. You either get very good vehicle mode and shitty robots or vice versa. It's rare that both modes look good and this company has achieved that. However, I have to still mentioned that it's really expensive but I do know of other companies that has their unofficial Transformers at a higher price tag. I was really considering in getting myself a Predaking until I saw the price tag. Maybe a reissue in the future will bring the price down.

Picture of the guns de-constructed above and assembled again below.

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