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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Mechanic (No! No! Not Jason Statham) ... ...

Unless, you're a bookworm or someone who doesn't like good old wham bam pow super hero movie, you'll say "What's this?"

This will be my second Hot Toys Tony apart from this Tony and I took a bit of time to decide on pre-ordering this.

Why is he wearing a A.I.M T? I'm trying to recall which part in the movie, he has this on.

"Why don't you just build something?"

This set includes an augmented-cognition headset with holographic effect which Tony used to control Mark XLII remotely.

The temporary repulsor beam wasn't in my local set....boohoo.

But wait, perhaps the limited edition Dora the Explorer digital wrist watch will make Tony smile.

don't think so...

Anyway, let's go to the Build-Your-Own-Weapon set from Home Depot. Interestingly, he carries a newspaper around and kept it in the backpack....hmmm?

Everything armed and ready to strike back at the Mandarin!!

At this point, I like to bring your attention to another display stand I bought.... 

Let's put it together fast before parts of Mark XLII fly in...

"5, 4,321!"

Power up!!

Take Off!!

Stocks are healthy if you've not made up your mind on this... So why get this? This answer the question "Does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit?"

So, does Marvel make shoes too? hehe...

Other ways to use the display's a space saver...

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